Red Wine Recipe

Here’s a recipe that is a favorite of mine and the ingredients are as near as your local grocery store. It makes about 5.5 gallons.

9 cans of Concord grape juice
2 gal. of grape/cranberry juice
3 # sugar
9 quarts water

Mix all the above and warm to about 70 + degrees F; pitch yeast and ferment in an airlock container for 1 to 2 weeks (or until done fermenting). Decant, bottle and enjoy.

I often make my wines with inexpensive bulk bread yeast from the local coop store. Most often it ferments to a dry state (as long as I don’t put in too much sugar). Sometimes I get it a little too sweet and the fermentation continues at a slow pace after bottling. I don’t do multiple rackings – if the fermentation continues after bottling, I wind up with sparkling red wine. What a delightful surprise!

I found an inexpensive source of genuine wine yeast at my local coop food store, but more often than not, I still use the cheap bread yeast with great results. Eureka! The coop also had beer kits. These were the 6 gal per batch kind of canned concentrates with the hops already mixed in the concentrate. Just add water, add’l sugar and ferment. At $17 / batch it’s cheaper than Keystone Light! I don’t get too fancy with add’l spray malt. I just use cheap sugar and it still comes out full bodied and great tasting. I only use about half the recommended priming during bottling – I don’t like too much pep in my beer.


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