I like drinking wine and beer. The hard stuff it too harsh. Drinking wine and beer gives you a warm mellow feeling while drinking liquor is like getting hit with a sledge hammer. Sure, you can get hammered with just beer or wine, but you have to really work at it. And another thing; beer and wine have pleasant flavors, while drinking the hard stuff is like getting slapped in the face without any pleasing taste reward.

I especially love the stronger brews like the imports and the micro brews. But these tend to be a bit more expensive so I decided to try making my own micro brews.

I first started my home brewing adventures back in the 1990’s when I was living in Kaukauna Wisconsin. There was a home brew store in Appleton and I bought some equipment for a mere $10 of dollars and started brewing 5 gallon batches. Luckily WI doesn’t have a bottle tax so I could collect empty bottles for almost nothing. I brewed mostly full bodied lagers, but also loved IPA.

Boy! What a pleasure of coming home after a hard day at work and cracking open a bottle of home brewed beer. You have to pour it into a large mug all at once and stop just before the layer of mother (yeast) at the bottom dumps into the mug with the last remaining slug of beer. So there is some loss, but it’s only a thimble full per bottle.

I’ve come to find out that wine brewing is fairly easy too. My uncle got me going on the elderberry. Last fall we had a bumper crop on the grape vines so we tried some elderberry grape mixed. It turned out really good. Another good wine I made was with peach/grape juice right from the juice section in Walmart. I made some peach champagne with this too. Wow! Really good. I’ll get more info and detailed recipes in the future.


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