Yesterday I finished laying out the framing on the sills. Then I began to fiddle around with the framing to see what I could do just on my own. I started with this first corner stud, leveled and braced it in both directions, and keep adding pieces. By the end of the day I was surprised that I had a full wall done plus half of the second one.

It seems that most people believe it’s better to have a fair sized work crew and hustle to get the job done in a hurry. What I’ve found it that this usually results in either a near miss accident, or in fact, a real one. At the very least it seems to me more like ants often pulling in opposite directions. Somehow the task gets done, but the job seems like a comedy of errors. I hate working that way. What I really enjoy is taking my time and rising to the challenge of figuring out how to construct with only my own two hands. I like to ponder each step and figure out the best way to proceed. If something it going wrong I don’t have to yell at the rest of the crew to hold off. I just give myself a time out to reconsider the approach. Also, I can work my own pace. If I get fatigued, it’s time for a break and it doesn’t have to be negotiated. Or I can just switch over to lighter duty work details whenever I want.


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