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How come WP doesn’t show publication dates? 20150120 Advertisements

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Garage Siding Project

It was a rough winter. ‘ Was frosty out last week almost every morning. This week, spring warmth finally busted out with record highs in the 80’s. It was like a flip of the switch. So now I am going … Continue reading

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Record Cold

Wow! It’s very cold out. This is about the coldest it’s been since I’ve bought this place. Last winter was quite mild from what the neighbors have told me. It snowed about 4 inches of fluffy snow night before last. … Continue reading

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The Race to the Bottom Goes Global

It seems funny, but you’ve heard the saying, “fighting fire with fire”. We had a Great Recession who’s root-cause was a result of gov’t encouragement for affordable housing for all. The net result was an overburden of debt for a … Continue reading

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New Way to Edit My Videos

This Ipad is so handy. I bought an SD gadget to import pictures and discovered it will import videos from my digital camcorder (Aiptek A-HD). I stumbled across a cool video editor for the Ipad “AVID”. It was only $4.99 … Continue reading

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Improved Tap Water

I made a Youtube Video (on how to improve your tap water) on how to get rid of the chlorine before filtering your tap water for drinking. Sure you can just filter it directly out of the tap, but it … Continue reading

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Red Wine Recipe

I added a recipe for red wine. Red Wine Recipe Link

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