Ipad vs Laptop

I just got this new Ipad 2 a few weeks back. My laptop is on it’s last leg since the hinge is broken and the display screen is about ready to fall off.

It took some getting used to ’cause this is my first apple device. But I really like it. It’s quiet, reliable, energy efficient, secure, smooth operating, and high quality. The big plus it that it charges from a USB power supply. This means cigarette lighter recharger. Why such a big deal with this? The sailboat!

Sailboats are very limited in power availability. I hate using my laptop on the boat ’cause in order to use the 12 volt power, you need a converter. And these darned laptops are very power hungry. If you forget and leave it plugged in it’ll eventually drain the boats 12 volt system. I hate starting the engine just to keep the silly computer running. What a waste!

This Ipad has a nice big screen yet if very frugal on power. I can download the free PDF nautical charts from NOAA. It’ll be great for cruise planning. Just to be safe tho I will still print out the necessary charts on hard copy for navigation. But I will use the Ipad for downloading the free Coastal Pilot books. I’m thinking of getting the Goodreader software so I can annotate the Pilot PDF files. Wow! This is golden!

I like these pad features so much that I bought a solid state drive for my desktop. But I am looking forward to the day when these smart little pads completely replace the laptop’s and desktops. Oh, by the way; my brother bought a droid pad. Hmm. Curious…

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