Quiet Refrigerator vs. Old Mini Fridge


I bought a test meter that tracks electrical equipment power usage (watt*hour meter). They have these at Home Depot for a few tens of bucks. Boy! You have to love the cheap and plentiful computer chip gadgets they have today. I have an old clunker mini refrigerator that makes an awful racket when it runs. You’d think it was on it’s last leg. Yet when I monitor it with my meter it shows it’s only using about 3 dollars a month of electricity.

Oh well! So much for energy savings rationalization. On the other hand, it is so nice and quiet at my new place here that on obnoxious noise consideration alone, it is 100% justifiable to ditch the beast.

Stats from test meter: Mini refrigerator from Monkey & Wards
Time on station – 284 hours
Elec rate $0.15/ KWH
Total cost – $1.47
Cost per day – $0.12
Cost per week – $0.85
Cost per month – $3.67
Cost per year – $44.67

This might sound odd, but I’ve decided to get an RV refrigerator. These don’t have compressors, but use heat to circulate the refrigerant. They are almost totally silent when running. The only time you hear anything is a slight tinkling sound when the process it turning on or off. They also run on alternate power sources. I just bought one that is dual source. It runs on either household 120VAC power or propane gas. If there is a power outage it’ll automatically switch over to propane and light the burner. When the electrical utility restores power, the refrigerator will automatically switch back to that source again (electrical is the safest and most economical way to run the refrigerator).


It doesn’t look pretty cause it doesn’t have the finished trim panels installed yet.

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