Quiet Refrigerator Startup

I had to go up to Allentown to look at this fridge. It was all rebuilt and nice condition so I went ahead and bought it and hauled it home. I had to let it stand for a day cause I laid it on its side while hauling it home.

Since it needs 12 volt power for the electronics to operate, I had to steal a battery from my lawn tractor to get it to run. Right now I have the battery hooked up and plugged into 120v AC power. Upon hitting the start button it had to think a minute then came to life in the manual gas mode. I could hear the gas solenoid open and the igniter trying to fire. I hit the auto button and it switched over to auto and it switched back over to 120vAC. After a few minutes I could hear that the element was heating up and could feel that the gas tubes in the back were warming up. After about 15 minutes, I just opened the freezer and the cold plate is all frosty. That’s got to be a good sign. The bottom element is cooling off now too.


I’ll set the thermostat on 1 for now and check it later on.

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